Will these products Rust?

All of our Fixtures are constructed with Heavy Gauge Solid Brass Sheet Metal and will not rust.

What is the difference between damp and wet location rated light fixtures?

The difference between damp and wet locations is: Damp locations: fixtures that may be used outside provided that they will not get rained on directly. Wet locations: fixtures that may take direct rain are rated for wet locations. Example: Our ceiling mount fixture is rated for damp locations and if being used outside needs to be mounted under something protective from direct rain such as a porch overhang so water will not enter the top.

Are your light fixtures adaptable to Low Voltage?

Yes. There are 12v medium base light bulbs that look just like standard 110v. If your local store doesn’t carry them try finding them in lighting showrooms, electrical supply stores, recreational vehicle and marine stores. There is no modification needed to the light fixture.

Which finishes do you recommend for landscape – garden lighting?

Our top selling finish is Verde with Gold iridescent glass and will blend into your landscape nicely.


Trade professionals?

If you are an Architect, Designer, Developer, Contractor, Distributor or Retailer interested in reselling our products we would like to hear from you. We offer quantity discounts and are able to do custom fabrication to accommodate your project. Call us today for more information.

How can I save on my electric bill?

Many people have been switching to compact fluorescent bulbs. They give you 4 times the light output or lumens per watt as regular incandescent bulbs, last about 4 times longer and the reduced heat prolongs the life of the light fixture socket and wiring etc. In other words you can use a lower wattage bulb to get the same light output.